#11 Fabien Lefèvre

“Everything is freaking possible! Everyday day you have got the chance to change and you can be whoever you want to be. It’s a matter of choice” Fabien Lefèvre


Fabien Lefèvre is a French paddler that has raced for France from 2000 to 2012 and for the USA from from 2013. He is double Olympic medallist (Athens and Beijing)in Kayak, 3 times World Champion in individual event including 2 titles K1, 1 in C1 and on top of that to Silver medal in C2; those results make him the most successful paddler across all classes in canoe slalom. And 4 Gold in the Teams Events in K1 and C2. An an overall World Cup Win in K1.

Fabien is well known for is blistering ascension to the top of the Canoe Slalom World with a first K1 World Champion title at 20 years of age and his unique successful career in 3 classes in the sport and the innovation he’s brought into canoe slalom paddling.

Fabien has always been a polarising person; I really urge you to listen to what he has to say with an open mind because Fabien discussed the many incredible subjects with depth. With decades of experience, he doesn’t speak directly about technique and skills development but rather about what underlines those and how to trigger the best learning.

In this very inspiring talk, Fabien discusses his growth thanks to the sport with the help of his ego first and then how his encounter with God helped him to shed his skin and move forward. Now growth of the soul and spirituality are is main goals in life.

His approach to performance his truly holistic as he speaks about being align with your values, deep motivations, belief system and how you have to behave according to those everyday in training and racing.

He discusses the Men’s Kayak training group in the early years with Benoit Peschier (2004 Olympic Champion) and myself and Sylvain Curinier as a coach. The quality of the communication was critical rule for us.

We speak about the challenges of K1, C2, C1, the skills he developed in each class, the evolution of boat design and innovation, the difference between the French system and the American System and why he chose to compete for the US.

Listen until the end because at the end, Fabien tells us the many meaning of his tattoo on his torso.

Bear with us, because there are many gold nuggets to athletes here on how to become more organic and aligned with who you are in your paddling career.

Enjoy this very deep and inspiring talk with Fabien Lefèvre.

If you have enjoyed listening to Fabien Lefevre, you may want to listen to the following:

Jean-Yves Cheutin one of his former coach on the French Team here or to Denis Gargaud Chanut (2016 Olympic Champion and former C2 teammate of Fabien) here

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