Why a Canoe Slalom Podcast?

When I was younger and despite the fact that I was driven to become better at Canoe Slalom, I was too shy to be that inquisitive kid that would ask so many questions when I came across champions.

DSC_0110 copy
The first autograph I had from Richard Fox and Myriam Fox (Jerusalmi) in Bourg Saint Maurice in July 1994 at age 13

And anyway… if I had the chance to meet … mmh!?…let’s say Richard Fox, I would barely be able to ask for an autograph, which by the way I have always kept at my parents (don’t declutter the house Mum and Dad!). But no way, would I have been brave enough to ask what his training routine was like or what did success mean to him? Or even if his single most important piece of advice to give away (for free) to a keen teen…

More than once on training camps, I remember my clubmates and myself lapping up all the stories a senior paddler or experienced coach told.

Throughout the years and surely as a coach, I have come to realise that curiosity is critical to further improvement. As William Arthur Ward puts it: “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”. Engaging your imagination by being curious and asking questions will shape your creativity and future innovation.

By bringing to you stories, ideas, secrets and tips of athletes, coaches, judges and many more, I am hopeful that as a professional or a volunteer, you will (re)discover Canoe Slalom, share insights with your community and reframe your views to better innovate.

Enjoy and share the discussions to move forward!

Your host,

Julien Billaut